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                                                                      Solutions to Legionella Concerns for Facility Operators

The Perfect Storm
(a series of factors that dramatically aggravate the situation)

Legionella and Facility Domestic Water Systems



The Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have identified a serious concern relative to public structures and their associated water systems.  These systems include both domestic potable water and water systems required for essential equipment function.

What does this mean to facility operators?

Research has identified a perfect storm that frequently exists within water systems serving many public structures.  These facilities include (but are not limited to):

·        Hotels ·        Shopping Centers
·        Food Service Establishments ·        Recreation Centers
·        Skilling Nursing Facilities ·        Physician Offices
·        Assisted Living Facilities ·        Out Patient Medical Facilities
·        Hospitals ·        Resorts
·        Apartment Complex’s ·        Child Care Facilities
·        Senior Living Communities ·        Multi-Story Facilities, and more


Operators of these public service entities should complete Facility Risk Assessments, develop Water Management Protocol, establish a Water Management Team and minimally log monitoring and corrective action to eliminate or reduce the possibility of Legionella Bacteria’s presence in water systems.

Why is this a perfect storm?

Large and public service facilities utilize closed water loops to service clients and visitors.  These closed water loops are often maintained in a fashion that creates a perfect breeding ground for Legionella to grow or amplify.  Legionella thrives in temperatures between 77oF and 108oF.  Cold and hot water loops maintained within this temperature range possess great risk to the public.  Heated water by course of natural degradation lacks appropriate disinfection to discourage bacterial growth.

What should a facility operator do knowing the risk?

Facility managers, operators and owners must complete a Facility Risk Assessment and address the areas identified with a proactive plan to eliminate or reduce the presence of Legionella in the facility water systems.


Select Systems, LLC is an Ohio based entity that provides service and consultation to concerned owners, operators and managers of the public service structures listed within this communication.  We are available to address your concerns and assist you in meeting the responsibilities inherent to the service industry and facility operations.